Pen-BookWhat is a Literary Coach anyway?

Simply put, as Your Literary Coach, I will be like your straight-talking best friend. Or rather, the best friend that has worked within publishing and can give you the direction you really need before submitting your manuscript to a publisher or agent.

Trust me with your work and I will help you get the best out of it…for your readers and for your potential publishers. Your dream becomes my dream and, while I won’t do the writing for you, I will give you the feedback you need to get your manuscript to the next level. I will teach you to trust your own instinct, when to take editing advice and when to leave it.

My mission is to take your manuscript from a work in progress to a fully polished book that any publisher would cry with delight to see amongst their hundreds (or thousands!) of submissions. And with competition like that, who couldn’t use a Coach/Mentor/Writer BFF on their side?

What next?

It all depends on the support you need to achieve the heights you dream of reaching…

Whether you’ve completed your manuscript or are still in the thick of things with your project, I can help solidify your focus and give you confidence moving forward . . . I can provide feedback on your full manuscript . . . or even provide full support and coaching throughout your process! Together we will grow your idea and watch it bloom.

But, really, the only way to see if I’m the coach for you is to get in touch!

Please send me a message through the contact forml telling me briefly about your project (word count, genre and synopsis), a bit about yourself and what you’d like to get out of having Your own Literary Coach. I’ll get back to you with an idea about how I think I might be able to help and you can make your decision from there. All of our initial contact is complementary and fees only come into effect when we both decide that we’re eager to work together.

Pen-BookAnjanette Fennell is Your Literary Coach

With more than 10 years writing experience including copywriting, technical writing, non-fiction and freelance work with magazines, websites and small business, I have been on the same side of the desk as you. But what I’m most passionate about is my 4+ years experience as a beta reader and Literary Agent. Whether delivering multi-book deals to my debut authors or working with experienced authors to polish their manuscripts before submission to publishers, I thrive on being able to help others to unlock their own success and get their manuscripts published.