Have you been working on your manuscript for months? Or even years?  Are you wondering if it’s ready to send out to agents or publishers? Maybe you’ve even sent it out and, yet, still haven’t gotten the sort of feedback you were hoping to receive. If that’s you, then…

Make 2014 the year you make sure YOUR manuscript is REALLY ready for publication!

Whether you are looking for feedback on your first few chapters or have a complete manuscript ready for polish, I can help.

As Your Literary Coach, I will give you specific, supportive, and realistic feedback on your project – at whatever stage you are on the journey. While you may have some feedback from friends or family, I can give you insight gleaned directly from working with (and successfully selling to!) some of the world’s largest publishers.

Send me an email today giving me a brief synopsis of your project, current word count and your goal for the project (attracting an agent, submitting direct to publishers or prepping for self-publishing) and I will get back to you within 24-48 hours with a brief outline of how I will be able to see you through to achieving that goal.

Your Literary Coach is here to provide you with the tools to take your project from bottom shelf to bookshelf in 2014!