There’s only ONE book

that can boost your credibility,

help you raise your prices

AND make you more ‘hireable’ than your competitors.



You know having a published book can be a game-changer for your business.

You get that being an author can give you instant credibility, expert status and the key to those elusive guest-speaking spots.

You understand that the easiest way to convince clients of your expertise, both on and offline, is to package your knowledge into a book that showcases everything that’s unique about you and great about your business.

You know that passive income from book sales could change the way you live and work.

You know all of this


You cant seem to get started.

You know you want to write, but a whole book? You get stuck on blog posts!

Or you have started. Several times. And you dont know where to take it next.

Maybe you have a full first draft and you’re circling through it, bogged down with thoughts like is this any good? or who would read this?

If writing feels easy, youre not doing it properly!

Even best-selling authors struggle to stop ideas from swirling endlessly in their minds before they can wrestle them onto a page.

Professional writers know they only have one chance with publishers. One.

The words they submit have to be their very, very best. They don’t want to blow it.

So they tweak it a bit more, and have friend or two look over it, who’ll say it’s great. And secretly they’re thinking, ‘but are they just saying that?’ because even published writers doubt themselves. Argh!!!

Heres the thing, though

Writing a book doesnt have to feel so torturous. 

What if there was a risk-free step you could take BEFORE you invest more time (and heartache) into writing your book and submitting it to publishers?

What if you could tap into the wisdom and experience of someone who’s worked as an editor and literary agent and SOLD BOOKS to the big publishing houses?

Imagine knowing whether your idea was likely to fly, identifying the problems with your book in advance and finding out exactly the steps you need to take to get this project off the ground, no matter how far along you are.

Think of the impact of some expert advice on structure and tone and audience—advice often reserved for published authors, provided by their agents or in-house editors, that lifts their books from ‘good’ to ‘top-notch’.

If you’re serious about following through on your great idea for a book,
and you’d benefit from some expert guidance, read on.


1:1 Book-Writing Strategy Session

Spend an hour with Anjanette Fennell—writer, editor, beta reader and literary agent.


In the session you will:

Crystalise your topic
We’ll address the TOP mistake that writers make when formulating their book’s theme. Once you’re clear on this, the book’s natural shape should fall into view much more effortlessly.

Identify and strengthen your understanding of the target audience
This is far more complex than ‘the people on my mailing list’. We’ll work through the FIVE most important things you need to understand about your ideal reader, before you write another word.

Map out your book structure
With your topic and audience clarified, we’ll work on your book’s STRUCTURE. We’ll map out a chapter plan that’s not only logical but engaging.

Create a personalised action plan to move beyond your doubts and into concrete action
We’ll craft an ACHIEVABLE PLAN for action and create the deadlines you’ll need to deliver your first full draft, without the drama.

Unblock the thoughts that are keeping you stuck as a writer
Mindset is critical. Find out the TOP THREE reasons writers (even multi-published ones) get stuck, and learn how to move beyond these challenges.

You’ll leave the session clear about:

  • What you’re writing
  • Who you’re writing for

And, most importantly:

  •  How to go about it.

You’ll understand the very next step, and the steps after that.

You’ll have a timetable of writing tasks, chunked into achievable steps, tied to real deadlines which fit around the reality of your business and lifestyle.

Best of all, you’ll have a renewed sense of confidence, energy and direction.



At the end of the day, you dont have to write a book. 

You can put the project back in your desk drawer for later, and risk that sinking feeling next time you’re in a bookstore, seeing titles on the shelf just like the one you want to get out there.

You can continue to feel envious when you watch others in your industry land the big clients over you, simply because they’re the ones who are published.

You can wonder what it feels like the first time you see your name on that cover, and share the Amazon link on Facebook…


You can get serious about this, once and for all.

Tackle this project properly, with professional guidance.

Achieve something glorious.


Let’s get your words on the page, rocket your credibility and transform your business, now.