Kylie LaddAnjanette was a huge help to me in the preparation of the manuscripts of my second and third novels, Last Summer and Into My Arms. She helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses of both books, offered insight and advice on re-writing prior to submission and was always friendly, courteous and professional to work with. Last Summer was subsequently shortlisted for the 2011Federation of Australian Writers Christina Stead award for fiction, while Into My Arms was selected as one of Get Reading’s Fifty Books You Can’t Put Down for 2013. Thanks Anjanette!
– Kylie Ladd 


Lisa HeidkeI have known Anjanette Fennell for over three years, during which time, she has read and provided constructive, vital feedback for my novels including Stella Makes Good (Allen & Unwin, 2012), and another being published in 2014. From our first meeting, I found Anjanette to be professional, approachable and genuinely interested in me and my writing. We clicked immediately and her suggestions re: changes to Stella Makes Good resulted in a much stronger and tighter story. Anjanette is a great sounding board, always professional and friendly, and a genuinely lovely person. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

– Lisa Heidke


IMAGES_2012_07_tamara.gif.jpgxI have known Anjanette for over two years and she has been a tremendous support for me in my writing. She has provided not only excellent insight into polishing my manuscript for submission, but has also relayed publisher feedback regarding strengths and areas for improvement in a professional and considerate way. I don’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who needs coaching and mentoring in writing and publication channels, with huge doses of encouragement, to work with Anjanette.
– Tamara Pratt


SONY DSCAnjanette is both a fantastic agent and a lovely person! Her enthusiasm, guidance and insight were a huge help in finding my YA fantasy trilogy, Chasing the Valley, a home at Random House. Not only was she great during the submission process, but she remained supportive throughout publication and even after the books hit the shelves. I can highly recommend her to anyone seeking publication.
– Skye Melki-Wegner


IMG_5392Anjanette has been an invaluable support to me, following the publication of my second book, Unrequited: Girl Meets Boy Band. I’d previously been commercially published, but chose to self-publish this time, in a genre new to me, with a view towards conversion to screenplay/stage and with spin-off ideas for TV (also areas in which I have no experience). I’m enormously grateful for Anjanette’s guidance, support and encouragement. Her enthusiasm is infectious, she is generous with her ideas and time, and she has been instrumental in boosting my confidence as an emerging writer. I highly recommend her.

– Emma Grey